Friday, November 6, 2009

Reflections Upon the Mirror of My Mind

I have always been fascinated by mirrors. It is easy to look around ourselves and see the reality that surrounds us, but to perceive ourselves, we must look in a mirror. However, what we see in the mirror is not reality. It is a reflection of reality, an image that has been reversed side to side and, depending on the mirror, possibly distorted in other ways. Of course, we don't exactly view reality directly either, it is filtered through the mirror of our mind. A mirror that was created by our earliest efforts to perceive the world around us and modified constantly by each perception we experience. Thus our perception of ourselves and to some extent the world around us is constantly being bounced back and forth between the mirror of our mind and the mirror of reality and we are caught between reflections as if we are within one of those “infinite” mirrors. Within that infinity of reflections exists our experience of our lives.

This blog is an effort to share what I perceive about myself and the world around me. Sometimes it may be self-pitying and whiny. I apologize for that. For me, this is a sort of therapeutic expression. A way to pry loose things that have been stuck inside my head for way too long. By throwing them out into cyberspace, I hope that it will change the reflections that I see within the mirror of my mind.

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